Terenzio Formenti was born in Bagolino on the 26th of March 1923 and lives in Brescia.
He worked like pharmacist for 25 years. Then, he passed to the psychology and to the psychoanalysis and founded the "Single, Couple, Groups Centre" in Brescia where he practises his profession. From the following discovery of psychodrama, that he calls "theatre of the dreams", an encounter with the poetry is born in the last fifteen years.
His first poem "I am the rainbow of the night" was born on the 14th of August 1986 as spontaneous recitation in a workshop upon the body and the emotions held by the therapists Paola Pacifico and Leonardo Marletta in the estate of Rosano (To).
Then, he published the books "Poems born in the Summer", "Poems in the wind", "Kites - Cometas", with the Spanish translation of Juan Baladán Gadea, "Love and Poetry", "Scattered leaves", "White Points", "Fragments", "Bagolino, the valley of infinite" "365+1 - Dew drops for the year 2000"
"The look of Brescia", "Transparencies", and others.
Some years ago he has taken, to remember the friend publisher Enzo Bruno, an initiative as psychotherapist-poet with a participation on internet
titled "Cathartic Narration" - in Italian, Spanish, English, French and German - in which he proposes, through the exchange of poems, fairy tales stories, songs and dreams, a communication that finds in the symbolic a source of enrichment, realization and discovery of the harmony, joy and possible serenity.
He is putting in internet every day for 1422 days one dew drop in six languages, thanks to the cooperation of the friend Danilo Curci <> that carries and guarantees whit sensibility the daily rain.
The drops are created, or picked directly or for free association from the literary production of others poets.
For those who are interested in the deepening of the author acquaintance, 27 of his books are at disposable for reading and downloading in the website of the company Logos, in Italian and several other languages: